Business Development

Our offices average a remarkable 36% increase in production and collections. 

Our unique experience in business development and training coupled with our unrelenting dedication, bring a fresh, exciting approach to the business of dentistry. 


Our Practice Analysis is an efficiency proven process designed to generate an initial in-depth analysis report of your dental practice. Based on this essential report, we will be able to redefine your administrative and management goals.

The analysis report will include data from your own practice, uncovering new opportunities for increasing profits while reducing expenses. We show you how to increase the efficiency of your working methods, make profitable investment decisions on equipment, optimize technology deployment and more.

Dentists striving to identify the reasons for practice decline will be overwhelmed by the impact of our Practice Analysis Report. Moreover, since most dentists stand too close to their clinics to assess performance objectively, our analysis provides them with a valid reflection of their situation, enabling them to face the real facts.

Today more and more dentists realize that hiring a Dental Consultant to support the growth of their practice can achieve the best immediate results and lead to highly beneficial change.


Training, teaching, supervising and assessing the work of your team members can be a daunting and extremely time consuming task. And yet, it’s a very important task. A professional, dedicated and experienced team can work magic on your clinic’s performance and reputation.

At the same time, if you have just 1 team member posing to be a weak link, this will slow down your treatments, reduce the quality of patient care, damage your reputation and eventually cause financial drawbacks.

The larger your practice, the larger your team and the more complex the assessment process. On the other hand, the impact of each problematic team member in smaller clinics can be much more harmful than in a large clinic. But don’t worry! Regardless of your clinic’s size, HardyGroup Consulting will initiate a team assessment that will uncover the  problems that just might be holding you back.

Efficient and effective teamwork provides benefits for you, your staff, and your patients. Your Dental Practice becomes more enjoyable and more productive when you’re able to operate as a team, safety issues are reduced and retention rates increase. 


Dental practice administration involves the management of the clinic’s health services, business strategy, financial planning and marketing. The daily administration duties comprise patient appointments, managing patients’ records, handling insurance claims, purchasing equipment and tools, purchasing medication, marketing plans and more.

The many administrative tasks involved in running a dental clinic have actually one single purpose: to enable the clinic’s dentist or dentists to provide the best possible treatments to their patients, with the highest possible return on investment.

When working with one of our Dental Consultants, we will evaluate all the administrative tasks and processes performed in your clinic. We will unveil all areas that drain your money, inefficiencies, poorly performing technologies, outdated working methods and every other problem that can jeopardize your patient care.

Practice Optimization

A dedicated and trusted partner to streamline your practice and support your professional goals.

Patient Care

Allocate less of your time managing operational tasks, increase time spent with your patients.

Professional Freedom

Focus more or your time on what you enjoy, reduce any stress associated from managing your practice.


HardyGroup’s Practice Development Programs focus on the key areas of your practice ensuring all systems are reaching there full potential. We structure our programs in many different ways to meet your individual practice needs, professional desires, demographics and office environment. As a result, we offer customized programs on an annual, monthly, and hourly basis based on your needs.

Our programs will provide you with an analysis of your Business Operational Systems and areas of Practice Growth Opportunities.  In addition, our success-proven methodologies will provide you with evidence-based findings, identifying strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement. HardyGroup will develop a customized strategic action plan for you and your team, and work with your practice manager to provide implementation training to initiate the plan and follow-up support to keep you on the right track. Every segment of your practice will be analyzed for maximum efficiency, quality, productivity, and patient satisfaction. We will not only advise you on your present situation, but also on the future growth of your practice.

Once implementation of your action plan has been executed and completed, we offer continued practice development support for you and your practice manager.

Contact us to discuss your current needs and professional goals…

  • On-Site Support

    Implementation and support is performed in your practice.

  • Production is Maintained

    No downtime of production and the environment is never disturbed, we work behind the scenes with your Practice Manager.

  • Customized Plan

    We offer customized Action Plans to meet the goals and objectives of your practice.

  • Increased Revenue

    You will typically see a 20-30% increase in revenue within the first 6 months.

  • Positive Environment

    Your staff and patients will appreciate the new vibe within the practice.