• what if you had a partner who inspired you to reach your goals?

  • what if you had a partner supporting your practice, allowing you more time for patients?

Take Your Practice To The Next Level

Today, the success of your practice depends on the ability to compete effectively in a crowded market.

The average patient base of a dental practice is shrinking. In order for your practice to reach it’s full potential, you must implement the best systems, promote your office continuously and effectively, provide incredible customer service, hire and retain the best people and find new ways to grow your practice.

If you have experienced challenges in your practice, seen a decline in revenues and active patients, you’re not alone. Dentists just like you search for the solutions to these problems, the great news is, HardyGroup Consulting Inc. will help you reach your goals.


At HardyGroup Consulting Inc., we help our clients look beyond the problems to see the opportunities. There are few dental consulting firms with our experience and relationships who can provide the level of excellence and speed to market that we bring to all client matters.

We understand that every dental practice has it’s own set of very unique challenges, our goal is to create a specialized plan for your practice by utilizing our proven techniques. We can truly turn your small business into a mega producer and create a patient experience that is second to none.

We provide our clients the opportunity to choose the level of growth they want, we simply maximize all opportunities within your practice based on your professional and personal goals. With over 20 years of success in healthcare sales, business development & people management,

HardyGroup Consulting Inc. is your first choice to unlock the full potential of your dental  practice.


HardyGroup Consulting Inc. provides Dental Practice Development support to improve the performance and efficiency of your dental practice . Our professional approach to analyze your practice, uncover opportunities and implement solutions, allows for you to reach your personal and professional goals much sooner than planned.

The first step for us is the discovery phase where we learn more about you, your team and the challenges you face. During this process, we will uncover the details of your obstacles and what operations are currently in place. Once an in-depth understanding has been developed, we enter the evaluation phase, where the goal is to identify where change is needed. This includes identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your practice, as well as current and foreseeable problems. These can include problems already seen by ownership and management, and new problems seen thanks to our objectivity.

HardyGroup Consulting Inc. will identify opportunities to grow business, increase profits, and boost efficiency.


We are really fascinated being able to work with different dentists facing many different challenges – and very much enjoy the momentum and excitement we create in the practices we work with. At HardyGroup Consulting Inc., we like being in the middle of all the different pieces that need to come together, because when they do, the success is felt by all. 

When you are successful, we are successful. As a result of our success, we have clearly identified what it takes to build a reputation where our customers continue to do business with us.

Our work inside your practice will allow you the opportunity to spend more time doing what you love, spend more time with your patients. By allowing HardyGroup Consulting Inc. to work our magic and relieve you from the overwhelming administrative responsibilities, we will create a positive work environment with a great vibe providing you with the success you deserve. 


Your employees are the biggest asset you have. Their performance and attitude can result in the success or failure of your business. The most difficult part owning and operating a dental practice is people management.

Do you have the RIGHT PEOPLE in place? 


Process Management is a way of looking at and then controlling the processes that are present in your practice. It is an effective methodology used to make certain that the processes are efficient and effective, as this will result in a better and more cost efficient practice.

Do you have the RIGHT PROCESSES in play and are they effective?


Every leader’s business success is dependent on their people’s success. Leaders can’t achieve results by themselves; they need their people to fully engage, buy into the mission of the practice and be committed to achieve desired results each and every day.

Are you satisfied with the CURRENT PERFORMANCE of your practice?

Are you achieving your PERSONAL & PROFESSIONAL GOALS?

Are you getting the most out of your practice and taking advantage of MARKET OPPORTUNITIES?

Are you following MARKET TRENDS?


As a Dentist, your desire is to practice dentistry and not spend countless hours of your time on administrative tasks. You want to dedicate most of your time to your patients and to your professional development and not to endless organizational assignments. Well, that’s exactly what HardyGroup Consulting is all about!

HardyGroup Consulting has earned the trust of many dental clinics, optometric practices, chiropractic clinics and small businesses who decided to take their professional practice and reputation to a new level. They have all relied on us to meet their specific strategic objectives and improve their bottom line.

Today they are HardyGroup Consulting’s satisfied and loyal clients.

Join them now!

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