HardyGroup Consulting Inc.

Are you looking for support and solutions to help grow your dental practice? 

Would you like to be more productive, more profitable and less stressed?

Do you want to allocate more time to your patients? 

HardyGroup Consulting Inc. Can Help!  




You may have already discovered that the business side of your practice is a daunting overtaking. If financial, business, leadership stress or just the overall stress of owning a business has you seeking answers and solutions – you are in a good place.

HardyGroup was established to coach and mentor you and your team by implementing proven methods to help you streamline your practice systems.

As a Dentist, you went to school to become a fantastic healthcare professional – and now owning your own dental practice has you in a position to become skilled in the areas of business development and management too.

HardyGroup Consulting Inc. will relieve you of the stress of having to grow your practice by supporting you and your team on excellent, healthy marketing decisions, practice performance,  processes, and executing them for you as well. Think of us as a partner to your practice and understand that we have the skills that you can trust. We will be able to get you the results you need and with our knowledge, you’ll be seeing your patient base growing in no time at all. 

HardyGroup Consulting Inc. specializes in Dental Business Development & Dental Practice Management solutions to support the goals of dentists and practice managers. We have exceptional experience in this field and we are your first choice for dental practice development and dental practice management solutions. From our inception, we have successfully assembled our professional competence with a powerful business model and innovative resources, generating high levels of customer satisfaction and confidence.

Serving dental practices and private clinics from across Canada and beyond, our core objective is to help dental practice owners and dental practice managers increase performance and strengthen their reputation, constantly responding to the ongoing market changes.

We develop and nurture long-term relationships with our clients by working collaboratively to build value and boost efficiency & performance. Our work enables optimized patient care and a better prioritization of your objectives, guaranteeing not only a higher return on investment but also an improved competitive edge.

What may work for a dental practice across the street from yours, may not work for you. 

Our ability to study and understand the singular nature of your dental practice reinforces our positioning. We believe in solutions “only as needed” and that are tailored to reaching your desired goals, supporting your people, patients, and reinforcing your brand.  



Director | Business Development

Rich has over 20 years of business development & operational management success supporting medical practices in Dental|Ophthalmology| Chiropractic|Surgical & B2B.

Rich has gained his knowledge and success working for Fortune 500 Companies, Zimmer Dental, Carl Zeiss, Hologic & Marchon Eyewear.



Lead Designer | Social Media

Laurissa has been transforming interior spaces for over 13 years. From commercial to residential, Laurissa’s years of design experience have been featured in many design magazines showcasing her work. Having an eye for flare and design, Laurissa has used her skills to work the Social Media space to grow many businesses.

Coach Nik

Coach Nik

Practice Coach | Change Maker

Are you ready to be inspired? Are you ready to finally start living life the way YOU want to? Create the Practice you’ve always dreamed of?

Coach Nik will change thoughts by guiding you in the direction out from the hurdles you set for yourself and into the clarity of what actions you need to take in order to transform your practice.